Doug K


I have made it my passion to travel to the great mountain ranges of the world in order to document them in larger than life detail. To that end I have now trekked the great ranges of Asia on ten occasions.


My journey has taken me to Nepal, Pakistan, the former Soviet Republics, and Western China. I have seen some incredible sights & spent eight years perfecting my setup specifically for mountain photography.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of standing among the giants of the earth - these places talk to me in spiritual ways, and I painstakingly create my images in order to translate the emotional awe of standing in their presence. When I look at mountains something comes alive inside - a surge of motivation to find the perfect place to meticulously capture the interplay of light on the surfaces, the ice in it’s endless corrugation from the wind, the jaw dropping scale. The fact that they are here - yet completely inaccessible somehow, feels like I am touching the divine on earth.

A cycle begins here, and witnessing its inception is breathtaking. The mountain forms stand as messengers, showing a higher order - each one it’s own universe, with it’s own character, personality, and story. I try to quiet myself and listen. An order rules that appears larger than the one created by mankind and a grounding perspective in the stillness. I try to convey this sensation into every image I make.

Please feel free to contact me with any proposals or ideas, or to support my work by buying a print. I welcome any and all new creative opportunities.