From the climb of Tsergo Ri - Langtang Himalaya

Prolonged exposure to trekking had taken my stomach to the point where it was now a bottomless well which no amount of rice and lentils could fill. I was summarily asked to leave the guesthouse after dinner one night by the local sisters who witnessed the carnage at the dinner table. Plus they had 50 Koreans and accompanying support coming in on a three day so I was clearly expendable to their immediate plans.

Feeling unwanted, I wandered out of the village at 2 a.m in order to attempt a night ascent of Tsergo Ri - a mound of rock from whose top one gets perspective on the east face of the Langtang Group. So peaceful to be trekking in the night, with the infinite stillness of these mountains as your intimate companion. And the arrival of the day is the revelation of color. 

Dawn on Langtang Lirung (7227m)


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