Dhaulagiri धौलागिरी (8167 m)

From Muldea Viewpoint - Annapurna Himalaya, Nepal

Muldea lies within newly developing trekking territory in the southwestern foothills of the Annapurna Himalaya. The region is already world renowned for the nearby Poon Hill and Annapurna Basecamp treks. The Muldea trek enhances this cornucopia of mountain awesomeness, with Dhaulagiri I always dominating the western horizon - it is the seventh tallest mountain in the world at 8167 meters.

Rajman and Kumari Gurung, along with their remarkable son, run a guesthouse in the outpost of Dobato, which lies at the base of the climb to Muldea View. Their impeccable Gurung hospitality is characteristic of the Annapurna region. Their son draws pictures for school - of giant mountains. He helps out around the guesthouse and speaks English with the guests. Such a nice, cool kid - also typical of the region. Makes me really love Nepal when I think about it.

Dhaulagiri धौलागिरी (8167 m)


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